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Team Member Background

Chris DeMulder

Chris DeMulder has been with Invictus since 2009 and has over 19 years of mortgage finance experience.  Mr. DeMulder oversees all aspects of warehouse/repo financing across the Invictus suite of funds and at Verus.  Since the launch of the first Invictus fund he has structured and managed dozens of financing facilities with investment banks, regional banks and non-bank lenders. Mr. DeMulder manages the loan funding team and is responsible for liquidity and risk management at Verus and the Funds. During Invictus’s joint venture with The Carlyle Group, he ran the portfolio analysis and securities financing functions.

Prior to Invictus, Mr. DeMulder served in multiple roles in the Fixed Income, MBS portfolio and Risk Management groups at Friedman, Billings, Ramsey.  There he underwrote principal and third party RMBS transactions and represented FBR in the acquisition and oversight of a wholly-owned mortgage originator, including loan pricing, financing, secondary sales and loss mitigation.

Mr. DeMulder graduated with honors from the college of business at Virginia Tech.