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Invictus believes that real estate lending markets remain inefficient with reduced credit availability for many groups of creditworthy borrowers and that senior mortgage whole loans provide premium risk adjusted returns relative to traditional fixed income alternatives.

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With cumulative acquisitions in excess of $30 billion since 2015, Invictus targets investments in newly originated residential and commercial mortgage loans using its established investment programs, national sourcing network and substantial operating infrastructure.


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Invictus seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns by sourcing undervalued high-quality mortgage loans and financing them efficiently through term credit facilities and the securitization market.

Invictus believes these investments provide an attractive combination of a premium return with strong downside protection.

Invictus Opportunity Fund

2017, closed end


Invictus Opportunity Fund II

2019, closed end


Invictus Opportunity Fund III

2022, closed end


Other Accounts, Levered


Other Accounts, Unlevered


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Through a broad network of lending partners, Invictus has developed an institutionally scaled loan investment program and a demonstrated ability to efficiently fund investments through the securitization market.

Invictus has a track record of executing this strategy since 2015. Invictus, through affiliates, has completed 57 securitizations as of March 31, 2024 and has been the largest issuer of non-QM/expanded agency securitizations since the beginning of 2015.